Art in Virtual Reality & motion

Virtual Reality

Gravity Compass

Gravity Compass

Created while serving as the Chief Creative Officer at NovaWake Studios – a VR content creation company.

Now on SteamVR for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

  • Gravity Compass

    Gravity Compass


Motion Reel

Animation Sample

Here are some examples of animation:

  • The first has Cha Cha footwork I created while at Animation Mentor.
  • The little orange guy running away was animation created for LeftJet Studios. You can see the final composite followed by my animation.
  • Followed by an armless parkour jumper.
  • Next up, motion graphics: a mission statement for a company’s future is communicated with motion design.
  • For a change of platform, you will see an iPad app capture of tooth decay, which happens after the player makes a mistake in the game.
  • Throughout the video, a silhouetted dancer moves in front of a projection as an example of my interactive art projects, where I love collaborating with dancers and technologists.

For a comprehensive breakdown, hop over to the HD version.

Corporate Motion Design

Motion Design for National Food Group

Lyric Inc needed their storyboards to come to life, and called me. I designed the motion (not the illustrations) for this uplifting corporate mission statement for National Food Group.

Dancer Shape Study

Artifact III: Study on Antispace

Inspired by the sensual movements of the body, the sculpture was created by studying the negative space of a dancer.

Movement by Rashelle McKee.

  • Motion Reel

    Motion Reel

  • Corporate Motion Design

    Corporate Motion Design

  • Dancer Shape Study

    Dancer Shape Study


UI Design


NUI SoftBank Spiral 660w

Client: Softbank

Iterated through several 3d browser designs for tablet. Used Photoshop, After Effects, Maya. Please contact me for the documentation of this project.

Game for Good


Client: Sweet Action Games

Created backgrounds, 3d models, textures, and 2d assets for iOS/Android game.

Website Layout Design

Website for Attack of the S. Mutans!

Attack of the S. Mutans! is a traveling museum exhibition geared to teach kids about dental health.
I designed the layout for this new website that had to be kid-friendly, yet informative to prospective museum clients. The layout was inspired by the main character – Dentisha’s – lab notebook.
I created animations that served as hidden interactive elements, which would give the visitor more of a sense of the game content. (view the live website)

  • UI Design

    UI Design

  • Game for Good

    Game for Good

  • Website Layout Design

    Website Layout Design

New Media Art

Eroding Matter and Memory

Eroding Matter and Memory

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” – Proust

This piece explores the plasticity of memory and the process of revisiting memories. Shown at Soil Artist-Run gallery in Pioneer Seattle, for the month of March 2014. Curated by Interstitial Theater, the show explored the boundaries that define video art and dance performance work.

Shape Study (cont.)

Artifact III: Materialized

Laser cut baltic birch.
1.2 m x .4 m x .6 m.

Debut at SOIL Gallery in Pioneer Square. March 2014

Architecture of Movement (Remix)


Remix of Architecture of Movement at PUSHArts New Media Festival

Shown at Push Arts New Media Festival in Seattle, South Lake Union on August 2012.

  • Eroding Matter and Memory

    Eroding Matter and Memory

  • Shape Study (cont.)

    Shape Study (cont.)

  • Architecture of Movement (Remix)

    Architecture of Movement (Remix)


Anna 2015 var1 optim

I have been captivated by the emerging field of virtual reality ever since I learned of therapeutic applications as seen in pain relief studies. Since then, I’ve worn many hats in the industry. Last year, I co-founded and served as the Creative Director at NovaWake Studios a VR company, which launched the project Gravity Compass on SteamVR in May 2016.

What do I do?

  • Design VR Experiences
  • Lead & Organize Projects
  • Animation & Motion Graphics

In personal and professional projects, I work closely with developers and artists to create excellent content with the best user experience possible. My background is in animation, 3D art, and new media art.


Co-Founder & Creative Director – NovaWake Studios
1/2015 – 5/2016

Animator, Motion Graphics, 3D artist – Freelance Consultant
9/2011 – Present

3D Artist & Graphic Designer – Firsthand Technology / DeepStream VR
9/2009 – 2011




509.768.1127 (cell)